Tenova TAKRAF resulted from the merger of the historic TAKRAF and Italimpianti Brands, with the later addition of Bateman Engineered Technologies (the equipment supply division of the Bateman Engineering Group). Tenova TAKRAF has provided hundreds of open cast mining and material handling systems, as well as individual machines, to companies around the world. Comminution systems are based on a track record dating back to the 1920s.

Tenova TAKRAF offers system solutions within the core areas open pit mining and bulk material handling and encloses in itself the experience, know how and capabilities of the historical brands of TAKRAF and Italimpianti that have provided hundreds of open cast mining systems and complete material handling installations, as well as individual machines to clients all over the world, in all climatic conditions. From the subzero temperatures of central Siberia to the hot and dry climates of Australia, from the tropical climates in South East Asia to the high altitude of the Andes.

This experience has made Tenova TAKRAF a world leading supplier of a complete range of systems for the mining and bulk handling sector. The wide variety of materials Tenova TAKRAF has facilitated to be extracted, pre-processed and handled over the decades combined with its know how and the use of most modern technologies guaranties that the client's needs are best served. Whether iron ore, copper, gold or nickel, coal, ash, petroleum coke, lignite, grain, cement, bauxite and alumina or any other bulk material; Tenova TAKRAF has the answer.

Tenova TAKRAF is committed to provide the highest quality in mining and bulk handling equipment. Operative Research Techniques are used during the study and design stages to verify all the operating parameters of the new products. Ongoing R&D keeps us on the leading edge of improved designs, materials, and components, and certification in line with ISO 9001:2000

Tenova Delkor is an industry specialist in solid/liquid separation and mineral processing applications for the minerals, chemical and industrial markets.

Equipment and systems supply services are provided in South Africa through Tenova Mining & Minerals South Africa, Tenova Mining & Minerals black empowerment arm.
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