Tenova HYL
Tenova HYL

Tenova HYL embodies the heritage of nearly 60 years of direct reduction technology development, having pioneered the industry back in 1957 with the first HYL process plant. Over 40 DR modules have been supplied worldwide since then.

This innovative DR technology represents the most advanced state of the art in DR plants design, operation, environmental friendliness and economy. The ENERGIRON ZR process with no external gas reformer provides unmatched flexibility for any reducing gas source in any region, and using the widest range of iron ore feedstocks and qualities.

The unique HYTEMP® System for hot feeding DRI to the meltshop is the benchmark for quality and economy since 1998, the first to bring hot high carbon DRI directly to the EAF.

Tenova HYL support runs from the turn key construction of direct reduction plants, to the supply of the core process design and equipment, up to the delivery of training, technical assistance and plant operation services for direct reduction plants as well as for the meltshop and mill areas.

In 2006, a strategic alliance was formed by Tenova and Danieli & C. for the design and construction of gas-based DR plants under the new ENERGIRON trademark. ENERGIRON is the innovative HYL direct reduction technology jointly developed by Techint and Danieli, and whose name derives from the unique DRI product which distinguishes this technology from other available processes.

Iron & Steelmaking Services: Tenova HYL brings its years of experience in all aspects of the steelmaking industry to benefit our customers. From iron ore mining and pelletizing, to direct reduction and into steel making and finishing, our TA and training services are known and respected worldwide.